SOAPsnv: is a software package for detecting somatic mutation of single nucleotide variant(SNV) by re-sequencing.

System Requirements

1. Hardware:
  a) 64-bit x86-64 Intel CPU with SSE instructions.
  b) The program needs ~3 GB main memory to run with data from Homo sapiens(separate by chromosome).
2. Software:
  a) 64-bit Linux System
  b) The version of gcc compiler is at least 4.2.4


1. Download the SOAPsnv from the link below.

Release 2.0, 07-01-2013 New!

download (MD5: 1dedf7fa2c9135c24d11f7136986d7f7)



    Written in the download document.

Command Line Options

    Written in the download document.
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